Creating Worlds

for growth and enjoyment

The whole world is moving through tumultuous times.
One clear truth is that consciously choosing our response
is much more empowering than reacting to events.

As a writer, educator and coach, I…
* create imaginary worlds to help you flourish in your
actual world. Learn more (links to books page)
* help you impact your readers and clients through my
writing coaching, classes and editing services.
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* help you design the experiences you want to have
so that you can live your best life.
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My Latest Book

The Power of Light Book Cover

How do you finish a stuck story and solve your biggest problems? Do you use cunning, force, luck, magic or the “Power of the Light”? Nathan’s adventures in a fantasy world give him the answers that he and his sick father need.

20% from the profit of each sale of this book will be donated to Farmer’s Footprint – restoring our soils and agricultural communities through regenerative practices.

Best Selling

A prize-winning novel about five 12-year-olds designed to boost your kids’ confidence, motivate them to achieve their goals and dreams, and inspire them to fulfil their potential.

The Mastery Club should be in every classroom and on every child’s bookshelf. It teaches powerful life principles, attitudes and tools through a page-turning story about real kids, their goals, dreams, challenges and families.”

– Jack Canfield

Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles

The Mastery Club book cover

Services I provide

Speaking & Training Options

I’m a fun-loving, vibrant speaker. I offer small-group workshops, keynote presentations and corporate trainings.


Do you have a book idea burning inside you that needs a little help to emerge? Do you need to be kept accountable?


Do you struggle with grammar and punctuation rules? Is your book as impactful as it could be?

Conscious Living Programs

What if life skills (such as the ability to realise our goals and dreams, to communicate and resolve conflict, or to manage money) were deliberately taught all the way through school?

“Liliane Grace’s The Mastery Club 10 Lessons Program, books and workbooks have inspired, empowered and catalyzed meaningful and fulfilling actions in thousands of today’s youth. The Mastery Club has the power to transform any of those it reaches. It is a must for today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.”

– Dr. John Demartini

Founder of the Demartini Institute, Human Behavioral Specialist, international educator and best-selling author

“In The Mastery Club Liliane captures how easy it is for us to live consciously and create positivity in our lives. She helps us realise the importance of staying focussed, never giving up and paying attention to the details so we can actively change our circumstances for the better, getting the most out of life instead of waiting for it to happen! An empowering book for kids of all ages!”

– Brandon Bays

Internationally best-selling author of The Journey® and The Journey for Kids

“She Rocked the House! Liliane Grace presented at a marketing seminar that I ran. She presented late in the afternoon – typically a slower time. And let me tell you she rocked the house; the audience was enthralled by her honest and candid story of her self-publishing journey. And everyone attending got some valuable tip to take away with them. I recommend her whole-heartedly as your next speaker.”

– John Anderson

Knowledge Source; comment from a 'Visionary Business Leaders' event

I’m a writer and speaker with a long-time interest in personal growth and empowerment. I weave those and related themes throughout my books and programs for children, teenagers and adults, and since I like the idea of effortless learning, I usually put the ideas that fascinate me into fictional stories.

My other great love is teaching and speaking – whether about writing your own stories or fine tuning the story of your actual life through practical skills and the dynamic of the hero’s journey. And I can help you write your books!

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