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Hello my name is Mimi Cortes I am from Guadalajara Jalisco México, and I currently live in San Diego California. I love to eat and make people happy. Some of my passions are filantrophy; helping others is what bring me the most joy. I also like running, cooking and modeling.

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Project goals

This was a collaboration between Mimi and myself so there was no pressure at all, just lots of laughter


Mimi was great fun, we organised the driver to pick us up at 5am, and then shortly after I found it was Mimi's birthday so we had to go out out! This shoot was after 2 hrs sleep maybe for both of us!


I have been modeling for 10 years. One of best photoshoot experiences of my life was having the opportunity to shoot with with Tony at the rice fields in Ubud. My journey in Bali was a true innerself recovery. When I met Tony and found out he was a photographer I knew God put him on my path for a reason. Tony if full of life, and he can be the life of the party but when it comes to people in need he is the most kind and generous man. He is always always willing to give what he has to those in need... Not to mention his photography work is exceptional. I highly recommend him and his work to anyone. Tony and I met prior to the photoshoot to discussed the consept. He was full of ideas and very professional. I am blessed I got to be in front of his lens and I just hope one day I get the opportunity to do it again. Thank You Tony Roseman for the most amazing images at the rice fields.!!!

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