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The Munigunung community social enterprise is something I love to support, it's the  fantastic birthchild of Daniel Elber.  All I can say is check out their website, their social media and see what amazing products they create to support the area..  maybe you can help them too?

Our working relationship with Tony Roseman

In order to communicate the impact of our work to the public, the government, the donors as well as to the population in Muntigunung and additionally to promote the products on the market by showing the beauty of the people, their work and the handcrafted products, we needed to have a professional photographer, who was prepared to document our activities, be it the trekking adventure, the production of ate baskets or batik scarves. The contact to Tony Roseman was established by a friend of ours.

Working with Tony Roseman

First and most important, it has been a real pleasure working with Tony. He is easy going, highly communicative, humorous, down to the ground, practical, joyful, is asking the right questions and is thereafter skillfully doing his job. He has no problems to create an immediate relationship and bond with people and it is one of his strengths to somehow go to the essence of what the people are. His humble and sensitive nature helps a lot that people feel well and comfortable in his presence. His reliability and timely delivery of the results agreed just underlined his seriousness as a professional photographer. We are looking forward to get him on board again, as soon as needs arise.

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