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Brief Summary of Karina: "I’m Karina Kalilah, I live in Ubud, Bali and I work as a Breathwork Facilitator and Sound Healer both here in Ubud and Online."

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Project goals

To capture images for social media and website, and have a laugh!


It was a fun shoot and we only used the one location. Time was of the essence so we wrapped the whole shoot up in just a few hours, that was including lunch and messing around!


I loved working with Tony! His cheeky humour and his lively spirit made me really comfortable to shoot when I’m not always so comfortable behind the camera. I felt so at ease while we were shooting, his direction really got the best out of me. Ive been so happy with the result of the shoot, the photos looked amazing, I have used the shoot I did with him to create my website, promo stuff and for social media. Thank you for your amazing work Toe-Knee I really appreciate the shoot!

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